QSICamera v603c

An updated version of QSICamera (6.0.3c) is now available.

This update contains the following modifications:

  • Changed all client-facing C data structures to Objective-C classes.  This was driven by the realization that one of the data structures contained object references which resulted in QSICamera being incompatible  with ARC-based software.  With this release QSICamera should seamlessly operate with manual reference  counting, garbage-collected and ARC-based software.
  • Added the QSICamera class method 'simulatedCameras'.  This method returns an array of cameras which, while not allowing soup-to-nuts testing of QSICamera, allows testing of its higher-level functionality.  More usefully, these simulated cameras allow the development of applications incorporating QSICamera without requiring the actual connection of a camera from QSI.  Of course, you will want to test anything you develop against real cameras.
© Joe Shimkus 2012