QSEye & QSEye Lite:
OS X Image Acquisition Software for Quantum Scientific, Inc. CCD Cameras

QSEye & QSEye Lite provide support for image acquisition from QSI CCD cameras.

For more information and to make a purchase, visit the Mac App Store:

QSEye, US$19.99

QSEye Lite, Free

Both programs support the following:

  • QSI 500/600-series cameras
  • Control of camera exposure parameters including filter selection*
  • Graphical subframe selection
  • Visual focusing capability augmented with FWHM and HFR measurements
  • Unlimited number of exposure requests can be submitted for automatic processing.
  • Image data can be saved in FITS or TIFF formats.

*Control of some parameters is disabled in QSEye Lite.

QSEye supports dithering via PHD.

Both programs utilize the open source library QSICamera.

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