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QSICamera v603c1

QSICamera v6.0.3c1 is now available.

This update contains the following modification:

  • Corrected a memory leak that could occur if using the simulated camera instances in a garbage-collected environment.

QSICamera v603c

An updated version of QSICamera (6.0.3c) is now available.

This update contains the following modifications:

  • Changed all client-facing C data structures to Objective-C classes.  This was driven by the realization that one of the data structures contained object references which resulted in QSICamera being incompatible  with ARC-based software.  With this release QSICamera should seamlessly operate with manual reference  counting, garbage-collected and ARC-based software.
  • Added the QSICamera class method 'simulatedCameras'.  This method returns an array of cameras which, while not allowing soup-to-nuts testing of QSICamera, allows testing of its higher-level functionality.  More usefully, these simulated cameras allow the development of applications incorporating QSICamera without requiring the actual connection of a camera from QSI.  Of course, you will want to test anything you develop against real cameras.

QSICamera v603b

An updated version of QSICamera (6.0.3b) is now available.

TheSkyX Pro, QSI Cams & QSEye

I'm looking for folks who use TheSkyX Pro for Mac who have an interest in using their QSI cameras with it.

I have a version of QSEye that provides access to a connected QSI camera and an X2 driver for TheSkyX Pro which allows it to access the camera via QSEye.  If you're willing to test it out and provide feedback and bug reports, shoot me an email.

QSEye 1.1.2 & QSEye Lite 1.1.2

Version 1.1.2 of both QSEye and QSEye Lite are now available in the Mac App Store.

These updates address the known issues with support of 600-series cameras.

QSICamera 6.0.3a1

This version of the QSICamera software resolves all known issues with support for QSI 600-series cameras.

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