OS X Software for QSI 500/600-series Cameras

August 22, 2012

Version 6.0.3c1

  • Corrected a memory leak that could occur if using the simulated camera instances in a garbage-collected environment.

August 22, 2012

Version 6.0.3c

  • Changed all client-facing C data structures to Objective-C classes.  This was driven by the realization that one of the data structures contained object references which resulted in QSICamera being incompatible  with ARC-based software.  With this release QSICamera should seamlessly operate with manual reference  counting, garbage-collected and ARC-based software.
  • Added the QSICamera class method 'simulatedCameras'.  This method returns an array of cameras which, while not allowing soup-to-nuts testing of QSICamera, allows testing of its higher-level functionality.  More usefully, these simulated cameras allow the development of applications incorporating QSICamera without requiring the actual connection of a camera from QSI.  Of course, you will want to test anything you develop against real cameras.

August 15, 2012

Version 6.0.3b

  • Corrected issues identified via running Xcode's static analysis tool.
  • Added a new class (QSICameraDefaults) interfacing with the Cocoa NSUserDefaults system.  Multiple cameras are supported via this system by identifying the specific camera's settings based on the combination of its model and serial numbers.
  • Implemented automatic persistence of the following settings whenever they are explicitly (i.e., not by performing an exposure) modified via the QSICamera API:

    • anti-blooming
    • cooler state
    • cooler set point
    • fan mode
    • camera gain
    • LED alert setting
    • pre-exposure flushing
    • readout speed
    • shutter priority
    • sound alert setting

February 26, 2012

Version 6.0.3.a

  • Fixes to support of 600-series cameras.
  • Moved the QSICamera public methods to a QSICamera ObjC protocol.

October 27, 2011

Version 6.0.3

  • The version number now reflects the version of QSI software which informed the creation of the particular version of QSICamera.  This doesn’t mean that QSICamera has all of the same functionality (particularly for that which is simply constructed on base functionality) but that particular changes (such as default values) are consistent with the same numbered version of QSI’s software.
  • Removed ability, per QSI, to set auto-zero control parameters.  According to QSI these are not values that an end-user should be modifying.
  • Added support for 600-series cameras.
  • Add trim adjustment field to QSIFilter.

November 23, 2010

Version 1.0.1

  • Added -autoZeroControl: method to QSICamera for querying the current values of the auto-zero control parameters.
  • Fixed bug in -exposeUsingRequest: where QSINoFilter was not being ignored.
  • Corrected documentation to state that the starting column and rows of the image are in column binning and row binning units.
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